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This article comes from Plantwear Wooden Watches brand.

Since we began our journey in 2013 we have tried to make great products at an affordable price, we have never compromised on quality. A Plantwear Wooden Watch is a fusion of design, sustainable wood and quality components. We have never stopped innovating, we have watches with recycled nylon straps, leather straps and wooden bracelets. We have watches with stone dials, wooden dials and also coloured veneer faces all handmade by our craftsman to the highest standards, all have Japanese Miyota (Citizen) Movements.

A Plantwear Wooden Watch is handmade using a variety of different woods. We use Maple, Rosewood, Massaranduba and Oak, each brings different characteristics to a wood watch. Maple is very strong and has a highly decorative grain which makes it ideal for use in our watches. We use it in both the case and the dial.

Rosewood is a strong and durable wood which polishes up very well. It is not only used in Wooden Watches but also in guitars, furniture and flooring.

Massaranduba is our least known wood and we do not know of another manufacturer who uses it for Wooden Watches in the UK. It comes from Central America and the Caribbean. It is very durable so it is sometimes used in decking it makes a great watch case when it is polished.

In the UK Oak is associated with tales of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. It’s light colour and hard wood characteristics make it the best seller of all our wood watches.

Most of our watches are unisex but the Glamour series is designed specifically for women because of its smaller face and narrower bracelet. If you are looking for a mens wood watch then the Heritage series is great choice.

The Raw series features a wooden watch case and a stone dial to make them even more unique and we have now built on this concept in the Double Stone and Double Silver series which have a wood watch case, stone facing to the case and a stone dial.

The Urban and Sierra series mostly come with wooden bracelets which come with additional links so that they can easily be sized to fit.

We love wood, we give back more than we take and wish to use this wonderful material to make beautiful, unique and quality wooden watches that will stand the test of time!

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