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Say It With Bears are a well known, outstanding and award winning company who have a fantastic customer rating average of 4.8 out of 5, this just shows you the amount of delighted customers they have had. They pride themselves on their customer service and have received multiple reviews off of their customers saying they will definitely purchase from them again and that they recommend them to many people; plus that they have fantastic customer service skills. Each and every one of their teddies is of a high quality and looks amazing. The delivery of their teddies is dependent upon the country they are being delivered too but can vary from 2 up to 14 days for delivery.

They offer multiple types of teddies include personalised ones, microwaveable ones, silver tag teddy bears and many more. The silver tag teddy bears unique bears made by Suki, these bears only have 1500 pieces worldwide. All of their teddies come with a free personalized gift card and birth certificate. Then you can also choose for a ribbon to be added to the teddy with a message printed onto it and you can ask for a tag to be added which would be engraved with a personal message; this can add an extra 3 or 4 days onto the delivery date. You can even purchase bears for a specific occasions including birthdays, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, weddings and graduations. If you are unable to find the perfect gift in these ranges then they do allow you to shop for a certain person like your boyfriend or girlfriend, and they also do branded teddies; these brands include marvel, boo the dog and blue nose friends. All of these teddies come with a free personalised gift card and birth certificate; you can also add a personalised jumper, tag or ribbon, this means you can have a message sewn or engraved into the material chosen.

They have a range of different personalized bears available that are made up from each category; some of the bears would be the ragamuffin cow and personalized eyore. The personalized teddies can have either a jumper or a hoodie added to the teddy, they can have a message of no more than 30 characters printed onto them. You can even get both sides of the clothing personalized but this will need to be specified to make sure that they know this. This then makes the teddy extra special because it shows that you have put thought into finding the perfect teddy for them and then adding a message to make it unique to all the others. These teddies are great for everyone as they are adorable and you have a huge selection to choose from.

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