A Brief Introduction to Zoella

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Zoella is a famous vlogger, a fashion designer and an acclaimed author. Her life revolves around the fashion industry. The girl we are talking about is a real genius and has some tremendous achievements on her credit already. Today, I will be discussing Zoella and some basic facts about her life. Her real name is, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg and she born on 28th march 1990. We can learn some great stuff from the life and career of this young girl. In fact, she is kind of an aspiration for younger bloggers and also for those who are looking to build an astonishing career in this field.

 How did She Started?

 Zoella started as an interior design apprentice. Her first achievement was the founding of a blog, “Zoella” that went viral in the later years. As of September 2015, her blog achieved more than five hundred and fifty million views. Those who know about the Internet and blogging can easily understand how magnificent this achievement is.

 How Zoella Manage to achieve Such a Fame?

The Internet is a busy place. Here, only the quality, authoritative and interesting content can survive. No one have that much of time to waste on long and pointless stories. Zoella entered in to the helm of blogging and Vlogging with a clear mind. Her selection of subjects is unique. In addition to this the personality we are talking about herself have plenty of knowledge about the stuff she used to write.

 Her Career as an Author

Zoella`s success is not limited to the Internet world only. She is one of the bestselling authors in this niche as well. She started with a very interesting novel and managed to break all the previous records as a debut writer. The name of her debut novel was Girl On-line. A sequel of that novel was also released later in the year 2015. There are some controversies and rumors that remained circulating about the authenticity of her first novel. However, no one claimed to be a Ghost writer. The publisher of “Girl Online” publicly acknowledged the involvement of a team of experts.

What you Can Learn from Her?

Apart from being an excellent blogger Zoella is also one of the most famous Youtubers. Her videos are watched by millions of people from around the globe. You can find an array of different things there on her official YouTube blog. Most of the times, you will find her teaching you about make up tips. She also uses her blog for reviewing woman specific and beauty related products.

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